Rollecoaster Week with A Spiky Pissed Hedgehog

So Chumpi’s demeanor has taken a turn for the worst. And unfortunately there has been no camera to capture the moment, so I made this silly video to try and capture the essence of my “What the Heck Just Happened?” Moment that I had with Chumpi earlier this week.

Now since that event, he’s bitten me a couple of more times. At least no more swinging hedgehog from my hand. And yet, the bipolar animal that he is, he also wants to be picked up more lately. So one minute he is scrambling to climb into my hand, and the next he is seriously throwing a temper tantrum [aka he will throw himself on to the wood shavings, then flail about while biting down on his blanky as I stare at him flabbergasted].

What the….


AND THEN, Saturday night I got back really late from hanging out with friends. It’s 3am and all I want to do is sleep. But I walk into a scene from Psycho. Dried Blood EVERYWHERE in his cage. Mini heart attacked insued until I realized he had a small gash on his foot.

Heart attack

So then, I worried that he may have cut himself on his cardboard box. So I went and got him a sturdy wooden box with no messy edges. I was awoken in the middle of the night with Chumpi using his new home as a ladder. Dangit!

For real!?

This is my life with my rebellious hedgehog.


I took Chumpi to the animal hospital yesterday because thankfully my music teacher has a hedgehog who needed a checkup as well. The doctor’s verdict? Chumpi is a teenager! And thus his remedy is some extra lovin’. Seriously, that was what the doctor told me to do. Plus he got a vaccination. All this for a mere 10,000 WON. Not too shabby Korea.



This explains it all