A weekend in Gyeongju

We visited our friend Jenn who lives in Gyeongju, a hourish away from us. We wanted to go to the Seokguram Grotto. It has a very famous Buddha, and in 1995 was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Of course we had to have our galbi bbq

Sesame leaves are divine

The immediate car accident we got into when we jumped in a cab to go up the mountain. That should have been enough to deter us from continuing. Fools!

Guess how long it took us to get here? That was enough time for the cab driver to get us completely and utterly car sick.

Jenn and I

Great shot of Whitney

Roof tile art

Becoming part of it

The overview

We actually could not take pictures inside the grotto so I’ve added some I found from travel websites.

The site was considered a place for monks to live out their hermitage.

Inside the dome


On our way home:

Nice way to end the day

Random vid: