A Pause in Time: Chiang Mai Shenanigans

It is all about the small moments that piece together this intricate montage of what my experience in Thailand was all about.

A video I probably should have put first. This kind of captures just our almost everyday occurrence. Walking from our hotel to our favorite place to eat.

You know it’s true friendship when I am willing to run through the monsoon rains to get her a toasted sandwich at 7Eleven.


Sunday Market

The Sunday Market happens weekly in Chiang Mai. From around 4 PM till midnight, vendors open shop in the streets of the city. There is a lot of art sold, specifically of the Northern Thai region as well as some great street food. Even the temples open their grounds for vendors to set up food shops. It is a great place to see the culture, hang out and enjoy some haggling.

Chillin after so much walking

Rachel and her passion for pad thai

Older woman selling her crafts

Throwing the Rules Out

Driving is interesting here. They drive on the opposite side…..and really it seems like there are no pedestrian walkways. This is all good and fine. Unless you are in a song thaew….driving down a very steep mountain … in the pouring rain.

My apologies for the awful sound. The camera does not pick up wind very well.

Mmmm Mmmm Clean

Love doing laundry here. The laundry machines are just outside, you put in your 20 Baht (less than a dollar) and you are ready to go. Unfortunately, there are no dryers. So it just makes it all worth it getting it done for you.

Justin's a bit flabbergasted