The Daegu Theatre Troupe Parties in Pohang!


This past Saturday we headed out to Pohang for the Pohang Player’s first ever 10 Minute Play Festival. One of our members wrote both plays we performed, and we rocked! We won 3rd place for “The Unthinkables” and 1st place for “The Clown Within”. You can watch both vids at the bottom and check out the Youtube Pohang Players page for the rest of the skits in the show. I was personally blown away by this monologue Lucas wrote about being an ageing ventriloquist dummy.

We stayed for the night and obviously that culminated into some memorable moments:

pohang beach

  • Theatre nerds can take over the only expat bar in Pohang and made it epic
  • The beach can be confused for a jjimjilbang
  • Find an empty restaurant, overrun it with foreigners and celebrate with the few old men there. It will lead to pictures being taken, hugs being had and our own a capella noraebang being heard from miles away

Pohang 10