Moving Too Fast

Goin' back to the heatwave in America

I know, my writing has been lagging but it has really been a hectic time in my life. Can’t even begin to explain, but will do with the eventual posts that will update you on my life in Korea. For now though, I am back in America! Vacationing for the month of August and then I am back in Daegu.

But let’s backtrack. Here is the insane trip from Korea to America. It took me 6 grueling hours to the airport from my house. With a large suitcase, and a heavy backpack carrying my precious electronics, lets just say I was a hot mess by the time I got onto that customs checkpoint/body checkpoint. There was no gleam, it was pure gross sweat. I literally stank and felt bad for the girl who got stuck scanning me. It took me two seconds to get through. So if you ever want to get through the airport as fast as possible, be that sweaty and smelly passenger.

In Japan things began to look up, even after my 9 hour layover. Something went wrong on their part, and being nice as most countries in Asia are, I got bumped to Business class because they felt bad delaying me. Once you go business it is hard to go back. The luxuries! They give you a lil baggie filled with goodies – including Burt’s Bees products! Then you get those massive headphones that block out all sounds. And they feed you like 5 times over from this amazing menu in which you have amazing choices. And of course, the seat. State-of-the-art reclining chair that is complimented by the actual pillow provided with the complimentary comforter. Best flight EVER.

My seat for the next 14 hours

It hasn’t helped getting back into the rhythm of things with the massive jet lag I have experienced. I literally slept on and off every few hours for three days straight after I landed in NY. I don’t  know, but I really thought I could pull it off but it seemed that major jet lag was unavoidable. I thought I had it down when I got bumped to business class and finally slept without having to drug myself with Tylenol PM. It seems to be though that life never matches up with what you desire at the moment and you just have to be flexible and go with it. Time moves too fast to let it slip by, so I am just ready to relax and play and do everything in between.