Happy New Years!

Though the New Year’s celebration is not as big in Korea right now as it is in the States (since the whole Lunar New Year’s is a bigger deal here), we still went out with friends to celebrate in ringing in the New Year. Of course there was karaoke involved but the videos are incriminating and such (aka I don’t want to kill your ears) so we will leave it as that. Check out the countdown in Korean!


Mi-hwa, Yeon Jung and I eating dinner at the Container

Yep, a tractor in the restaurant

Gotta follow dinner with a trip to a cafe


My 7th New Year's Celebration in a row with the BFF

There's a bell back there waiting to be rung!

End the night with a glass of khalua and milk ^^

The countdown:

Disclaimer: Video was copy-written by Jodi and created by Jodi but edited by Alex (happy crazy psycho?)