My October in 2 Minutes

  1. Random Korean BBQ night
  2. Gangnam Style (ish)
  3. Riding my bicycle on the river
  4. At the nurses office at school, dizzy after my vertigo episode
  5. At the hospital, getting my ears checked
  6. Church retreat, and of course that means icebreakers!
  7. Awesome pimped out wheelchair!
  8. Weekly Wednesday bible study
  9. Tweeking my bike ’cause I’m still adjusting to it!
  10. Faculty dinner
  11. School festival
  12. Last warm days on the river
  13. Puppies galore!
  14. Rainiest day
  15. Shopping for fabric for Halloween at the traditional market
  16. Shopping for pumpkins
  17. Cute drum players
  18. Block party dinner
  19. Trying out theater costumes
  20. 24 Hour Halloween Theater Show
  21. Laura’s crazy scary costume!
  22. Creepy guy wearing an actual pig’s face for Halloween… seriously
  23. Even the serial killer likes to dance
  24. Street vendor playing with her baby
  25. Trying to make pumpkin pie…fail
  26. Teaching my Halloween lesson

Daegu’s “A Streetcar Named Desire”

When I started practicing for this production I knew it was the first major full-play production the Daegu Theatre Troupe had done. And I knew it was the biggest role I had ever done. I mostly had experience in musical theater; the roles I had played were easy and tangible to understand. What had I committed to? ^^

I loved the whole process of Streetcar. In a month we stumbled through lines, encouraged each other to dig deeper, and talked about literature. Yes! I’ve missed those intellectual conversation that were so common during college. Who talked about anthropomorphism on a daily basis right? 

Stella taught me to challenge myself. And don’t we all love that? Challenging my memory (ah those lines killed me!), challenging my development as an actress (just cause it’s a hobby doesn’t mean we don’t give it our all), and challenging my natural reflex to punch my abusive “significant other” in the face. Haha, yeah it was hard to be that girl. 

Watching people come together, out of their own passion and dedication, was beautiful. We are expats after all, so can you imagine what it was like trying to find all these knickknacks and costumes for such a show?! But people worked their butts off, and it payed-off. We got such positive feedback and are taking the show to Seoul December 3rd. 

The experience would not have been the same if it wasn’t for my friends showing up to support us. Thank you chingus! Thank you to my director, the actors and the stage crew – what a memory we have made. We’ve made enchantment!

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Pictures provided by Kyle McGregor. Taken during our last rehearsal.

“If you really do want to be an actor who can satisfy himself and his audience, you need to be vulnerable. [You must] reach the emotional and intellectual level of ability where you can go out stark naked, emotionally, in front of an audience.”

– Jack Lemon