Korea in NYC: Social Eatz

The Place:

I headed to the infamous Social Eatz in Midtown East to try the famous “Bibimbap Burger”, which had been named as the Greatest Burger in America. As you recall, I had a goal to try it out and see how authentic it really was to Korean cuisine. Fusion places are always iffy – you can never tell what you are gonna get. Social Eatz was started by Angelo Sosa, a Top Chef contestant. You can read more about the opening here

The Food:

My friend Patty initially joined me in this food adventure and we started our night with a pitcher of white sangria. For $38 I was expecting more of a kick. It had sounded great, mango mixed in with Bacardi and white wine and surprisingly cloves and a cinnamon stick tossed in as well. But the expectation fell flat….it tasted too bland and innocent. I always feel like sangria is a feisty and festive sort of drink and this just really didn’t make my night. The Max Beer pitcher did add a bit of Korean nostalgia to the moment at least.

Patty ended up getting the Chili Kissed Tilapia Tacos. The fish is brushed with thai chili, sauteed and garnished with fresh green tomato salsa and avocado. Great light and tasty dish. 

This burger is the perfect fusion of Korean and America. It has that smoky soft flavor that I find distinctly in bibimbap, while maintaining the all-american beef which we let the chef decide just how to cook. Watch the video below to get the full review. 

End Thoughts

Adelaida and her husband Paul surprised me and joined us for dinner. I thank them for their patience as they didn’t realize what a blogger I am and the experience had to be recorded. The atmosphere was perfect for a summer in New York, the food came pretty fast, the waitress was pleasant and the company was great. I would go back and try the rest of the food in a heartbeat. 

The Video: