When words are too similar

Scene: In my office, unofficial Korean language lesson with one of my forty-something year old teacher.

Teacher: Ok Alex, try writing the numbers now in Hangul.

Alex: Yea…..one….two…three…..four…..five………..

Teacher: Good, good…watch the strokes….

Alex: …..six….seven…..umm ……eight….

Teacher: [explosion of laughter and giggling]

Alex: [blank stare, it’s been a long day] What’s wrong? Did I spell it wrong?

Teacher: You wrote the word “f*ck”!

Alex: What??! I’m so sorry!!!

Teacher: HAHAHHAHAHAHAAAA so funny!

Alex: [shamed] ……oooooh.



Alluring to my Nose and Wallet

Jodi and I happened to go into one of the perfumes stores in downtown, around the corner from Buy the Book and Mr. Pizza.

I had been in need of my favorite perfume, Salvatore Ferregamo’s Incanto Heaven. We went into the store and I was able to try out the others in his line. I finally settled for trying a new one, his Incanto Charms.

The price threw me off a little, pretty close to the prices in America. While I battled between splurging, the girl next to me had selected her scent. Then she did something amazing! She chose these small empty tubes from the countertop and had the salesperson fill it with the perfume. Her would be $50 purchase was reduced to a mere $20!

So there you have, it is even better than getting the bootleg versions off the streets of Manhattan. You can get the real legit perfume for a mere $20 for 20ml!

Perfect size!

Then Jodi found Sephora’s website that let’s you know what other perfumes you may enjoy based on your fav.

My suggested perfumes

Here were some useful Korean phrases I needed: