At the Opera: Otello

The Daegu International Opera Festival is officially over in Daegu, but I had a chance to experience one of the international opera shows premiering here. The theme this year was literature meets opera. I went with three of my friends to the Daegu Culture and Art’s Center right off of Duryu Park to see Otello on stage.


Duryu Park



The location is beautiful, a long stroll around a lake with a beautiful view of the Woobang Tower. Unfortunately, by the time the show started I was exhausted. The cold balcony did not help the fact that the show was sung in Italian and the projected in Korean subtitles. I ended up falling asleep during Act 1! For someone who loves theater, I was slightly ashamed haha but I could not focus!

From what I did see, I was a bit disappointed that they changed the ending of Othello.Othello kills Desdemona and himself…but there is no complete death scene with Emilia or Iago. The best part of the night was seeing the park and the tower, if only my Korean or Italian had been better.