Erica and a Wedding in Seoul!

I went to Seoul this week to spend some time with my childhood friend Erica. We’ve known each other since 2nd grade ^^ She was coming to Seoul because her boyfriend’s best friend was getting married here. 

The wedding was at the Korea House (한국의집), a beautiful traditional building that offers the traditional wedding ceremony. It was a perfect place for Erica to experience Korean culture first hand, considering the place had a mini traditional show before the actual ceremony began. 

Erica would not stop cracking up as she saw her boyfriend, a tall white guy with dreads, wear the traditional “best man” hanbok outfit. With shoes two sizes too small, he was still able to fulfill his duties and hand over the traditional marriage ducks to the groom (seen on the left). 

I tried explaining to Erica how different Korean weddings are from Western weddings. She was shocked as she realized that the people sitting inside were actually already eating the wedding buffet. The first wedding I had been two it was a fusion between western and Korean. During the western ceremony, I had also watched people leave and go eat at the buffet upstairs. When I asked I was told that the Western part isn’t really seen as important because it is Western so the guest also have no problem talking during the ceremony itself. 

The groom and the bride were the sweetest people. They were so welcoming, and I got to stay with Erica and their friends at the bride’s home. After the wedding we drove back to their place, where Erica and I proceeded to take a nap since she had come to Korea a few hours before the wedding began. Then we headed for a night out in Seoul. 

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