Daegu Musical Revue: One Last Night

The beginning of November saw a bunch of musical geeks get together for a final show to our musical trilogy (I wrote about it here). The Daegu Musical Revue’s “One Last Night” was an awesome experience. I enjoyed working on the actual play. The director and I took an afternoon to write a play surroundings the songs we all had chosen to sing. It was unbelievable to see my ideas come to life, soooo it made me think about doing a bit more of backstage work in the future. Who knows! ^_^

The story is about a bunch of students attending Life University and all the troubles they have to deal with in their personal lives. Life problems makes you quite musical lol. 
Let me state, I am NOT a singer. I use to sing a little a long time in High school where I did musical theater. That was the height of my voice. Makes me jealous of my friends who are smokers and still sound freaken amazing when singing. Anywho, so strained voices is what you hear a lot in the show, I think we wore ourselves out. Being a teacher these past months has just strained my voice. But whatever,  even though my singing makes me question doing musical theater again, the acting and the writing make me so proud of this show.  Here are pics taken by Stephen Elliot and the video Shalisha Bynoe. 

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Daegu turns Musical

The Daegu Theatre Troupe’s sister group, Daegu Musical Revue, put on its first show this past November. It was a mixture of solos, duets and choral performances from various classic and contemporary shows.

Aaaahh! I almost died doing this show. I was massively sick and thus my voice was shot. I got stage fright…yep I was freaking out about doing this solo. Thankfully one of the main guys doing the show was just amazing and kept encouraging me to do it even though I came into every practice ready to quit. 

Ironically, the song I sang was “Climbing Uphill” from The Last Five Years – about an actress who’s mediocre acting career is making her dreams seem impossible and out of reach. Ha, so the acting was not really acting. It was me being me and dying on stage haha. 

Anywho, enjoy….sorry the video quality sucks, they were from my friend’s iPhone and I couldn’t get most of them.