one of my best memories


Phi Phi

Finally took a well needed vacation by heading to Phuket for a few days. It was such a trek to get there but it was worth it. The mahout of my cool elephant Chumpe was really cool and let me get off the little seat they put tourists on. He signaled for me to copy him and get on top of Chumpe’s head. It was only for a mere second that I was like “Umm no!” and then  brushed it off and thought what the heck. So I got to scrabble through his thick, creepily hairy back and climb on top. I have never clenched my thighs so hard in my life. I missed Chiang Mai though, it felt more like a home…though I am aware I was in a hotel lol. I dunno, Phuket felt soooo touristy it was starting to get obnoxious. Ha, the New Yorker getting sick of the touristy things. Had a good time getting sunburned as well. I have never had a painful sunburn before…I may have started to smell like bacon at some point. And everything in that video is real….including that amazing plane ride ❤

Jodi snorkeling like a pro

Oo la la