Heart and Seoul

Seoul Tower is one of the most beautiful man-made places I’ve been to. Only in Korea would they take something that is already awesome, a large tower overlooking the city, and make it even better. You cannot be bored when coming to visit. There are “couple locks” to hang up on the wall, different art to look at and really anything else you could think of. Eat at a Korean or Italian restaurant, play arcade games while you wait around, ride a cable car up and down the mountain, or just hike up the mountain to get there, eat a Turkish ice-cream cone, or shop around for cute little trinkets. Seriously Korea, of course you overdue it with the whole geared-towards-couples thing. Seriously. But still cute.


Chuseok with some Seoul

We are in the midst of the Chuseok holiday – a three day lunar holiday celebrating the harvest. Jodi and I have headed to Seoul, and more specifically to Songnam to visit our friend Rachel, whom many of you remember from Thailand.

The Chuseok holiday is best compared to our Thanksgiving – people travel far back to their hometowns to celebrate with family. One of the typical scenes of Chuseok holiday is a whole family gathered around to make small half-moon shaped rice cakes called Songpyeon. I still need to go out and try these little suckers. The prettier the rice cake, the prettier your future spouse or your children will be, the saying goes, and you’ll see young people working especially hard on its shape.

Our first day of Chuseok we headed to Lotte World – a mix of Busch Gardens and Disney World in one. I was in heaven as this was the set for one of my favorite, and first, Korean dramas that sucked me into Korean culture.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy crying haha

We entered the food court where I had my first taste of Kimbap – looks like sushi but has more veggies and crab in it rather than fish.


We then headed to Lotte Mart for a chocolate break and found out everyone was shopping for the holidays.

Worker asked me to take her pic

We then headed to the iceskating rink where I noticed the interesting safety precautions people took – helmets and gloves in case the shards of ice cut you I suppose.

The girls

Notice the girl in the background heehee

So girly

Jodi and I then headed to the arcade section when out of nowhere I somehow beat her in the basketball shooting game. Of course she freaked and challenged me again….and got her butt kicked again.


After a few good rounds we headed to Lotte World, where we even got the Foreigner discount for being there on Chuseok.

Awesome view!