Shopping Shenanigans

Here’s a random moment in my life. Eric had asked me to go along on his shopping endeavor in order to get that female POV. I suggested calling our good friend Willie, who is the master of style. Eric asked if he was willing to help him out and Willie was like “Sure, I use to be on a committee that advised people on professional dress and development”.  …. That did not surprise me…AT ALL.


“A furry collar on a men’s blazer!? Oh no they didn’t!”


Some Great Finds

Thai money

Living in the outskirts of Chiang Mai has its perks. We get some pretty sweet deals that you wouldn’t find at the nice modern mall they have in the center of town. Here are the top picks:

Pad Thai with Shrimp – 35 baht (about $1)

Tom Yum soup – 35 baht (about $1)

Fare to most places in the city – 20 baht (about $.75)

Movie at a theater at the mall- 120 baht (about $4)

Red bull – 10 Baht (about $.30)

A small pitcher of juice and whisky – 70 baht (about $2.20)

Cold and cough medicine with cough drops – 60 baht (about $2)

Hagan-daaz Icecream bar – 40 baht (about $1.20)

Get my hair washed, dyed a whole new color, blow-dried – 350 baht (about $11)

Watch – 100 baht (about $3)