A Week in Photos #6

I know it isn’t a real picture, but it pretty much summed up the past two weeks. After the show, my body just crashed. I’ve been feeling pretty out there since.  
Thus my addiction to instant coffee began…

Lanterns have been adorning temples all month in remembrance of Buddha’s birthday. 

Random 2ne1 concert at a university festival? Yeah, that totally happened. Gotta check that off the Bucket List ^_^ Like how students were piling up on the windows to have good seats.

Ha, no comment necessary

Got a cavity filled for $65..not too shabby. 

Fashion show at Keimyung University… pretty talented people, and beautiful designs. I felt like I was back at Bryant Park.

A Week in Photos #4

This past week started off beautifully, so much so it felt like summer….and you know what that meaaans! Ice cream season!! Woooooohoooo! Best of all, these scrumptiliumptions popsicles go for as little as 50 cents. Word yo, as it should be. 
It’s been nice to walk around and enjoy the weather and the smell of grass and flowers all around. The river next to my apartment has become a sanctuary. 

Korea is so …cute! Can’t help but take pictures of the little details. They love to love here. Sometimes it makes you gag…and other times you just want to smile and join in the cheesyness. 

Other times you stop and stare in confusion and think, “Did they really mean to name this cafe in such a backwards way? Or were they trying to be clever?” …. I’ll let you decide. 

This isn’t being clever … I hope. To have a stuffed animal made after an alcoholic beverage is either brilliant in a sort of evil way (see example here), or shows how puritanical us Americans are to alcohol. They must laugh at our bootleggin’ days. 


So aside from being incredibly brilliant in their business skills, maybe it’s Korea or the fact that 20 years have gone by, but I was shocked to find an old classic toy had been revamped. Remember when all you needed was patience and an imagination to make a dinosaur? Now it also comes with a battery pack to make it roar in your face. Sweeeeeeeet! 

Had a great time attending Mansell’s birthday pajama party 🙂 We watched a movie from the year he was born then headed out to watch an awesome band play at Urban. Live music….loved it. 

I’ve been pretty tired lately from work, theater practice, theater web stuff, training for a run, dance and the various etc.’s in my 
life. So using my random Korean word skills, I’ve come up with my slogan that I can pretty much use daily nowadays: 
오늘 많이 피곤해요 그래서 좀비예요 왜냐하면 뇌 없어요
Today I am really tired so I am a zombie because I have no brain. 
You should see the looks I get from people LOL. 

A Week in Photos #1

The week started off still recovering from a brutal cold from last week. A teacher was kind enough to make me Chicken Noodle Ginseng Soup. There have been many foreign teachers here who have experienced the hospitality of Korean teachers at their school when it comes to being cared for while sick. They take it to heart that you live alone and have no family to care for you. 

After being so sick for a week, it was refreshing to start a Monday morning with a beautiful sunrise. I couldn’t help but think of Norah Jone’s song. 

I was surprised to find that the footpath that usually helped me cross the river by my house was being rebuilt into a bridge. I’ll miss those steps! 

Spring finally arrived this week. I was walking around and couldn’t help but have a smile on my face. The good weather just brought smiles to everyone, it was contagious! So when I spotted the sun slowly melting into the horizon in this little beautiful alley, I just had to snap a pic. 

In that perfect night, when the breeze was just right and spring was just so present, we found this claw crane with the most random prizes. Take note of the Shrek key chain, the coffee Chiclets, hair clip and baseball themed lighter. In that mood I was in, it just made me smile and love Korea a little more. 

This car has been pimped out! This series is usually targeted for women, but these people went the extra step and added eyelashes to the car’s head lights. Great way to end the night’s stroll. I personally like the pink version of the Chevrolet Spark. 

A sign of spring!
It was Matt’s birthday week! So we celebrated at our favorite bar with our favorite bartenders ^_^

I had to say goodbye to Roman this week, who is heading back to Latvia (ㅠ ㅠ). One day I’ll visit you Roman! This is just a long “see you later”

We made homemade stovetop pizza! And by we I mean Dave…. the rest of us were awesome topping sprinklers ^_^
A friend played an awesome gig downtown. PMP Machine at Horus Garage – Great band, great songs. The vocals were just awesome! 

Blueberry Milk, Love and Choco pies

Oh, you funny student

As I was snacking at work yesterday and talking to a student, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud as I realized what exactly my blueberry milk said:

Do you want to find someone to fall in love with? We will be happy when you start your love through drinking Blueberry Milk! Nunblue! Masblue! Let's Enjoy!

My student also thought it ridiculous how random products have things about love written on it. “I found insecticide…insect killer..it said, ‘If you want love, buy me’. So strange teacher!” I could only agree and think, well even they think it’s odd. We continued to have a rather intellectual conversation about love and Korean culture which ended like this: 

What’s a Chocopie?

Don’t know a choco pie? It is just the staple snack here. It is similar to a Moon Pie, with marshmellow in the middle of two biscuits and dipped in chocolate. In South Korea, Choco Pie is associated with Jeong (情), which indicates closeness among people in Korea. Its advertisements emphasise the relationship between family members and friends, and its jingle is widely known. North Korean workers even smuggle them out of the Kaesong Industrial Complex, a joint venture by South Korean and North Korea, that Pyongyang wants their distribution stopped. Here are some interesting articles on that. [1 and 2]

My students made me a whole choco pie cake plate with candles on top for Teacher’s Day last year ^_^.