Su-wat-tee kah

Outside our Window

The chickens wake me up at around 6 am. I wake up, and since Jodes is usually still sleeping, I go for walks around the neighborhood. The monks are up and around. They carry with them a bowl which people then place food in to feed them. They eat everything that is given to them. It is nice in the early morning, quieter and not as many motorbikes almost killing you. Plus it is a lot cooler…and by cooler I mean it just takes a bit longer to have that layer of sweat on you that is so typical here.

There are too many people on bikes

Typical Scene

There is such a mix of urbanization and nature here. We are at the edge of the city, apparently done so that we wouldn’t party so hard. The air smells like exhaust all the time, too many bikes being driven. You can see the tops of the golden temples up in the mountain. And there are massive amounts of 7Elevens here. I guess Starbucks hasn’t taken over yet.

Outside our resort

We took a Thai language class for a whole day and a half. I only really remember hello, which is “Sa-wat – tee kah”. And chicken, “guy”. This will get me far 🙂

The problem is I am trying to retain the very little Korean I know and thus it is making it harder to remember this new and so very different language.