2 thoughts on “Teaching Resources

  1. Hello! I am probably going to move to Korea this August to teach with Chungdahm. I see that you’re in Daegu which is one of the cities I may end up in, but I’m considering any of the major one including Seoul. I found your site because I’m currently working as an actor in Hollywood and wanted to know if there would be acting opportunities out there for English speaking actors. I assumed that Seoul would if anywhere but I was interested to see that there also were groups in Daegu. If you get this and wouldn’t mind sharing what kinds of opportunities are out there id appreciate it!


    • Hi Colby,

      Yep, the place for a variety of acting opportunities is Seoul. They have a lot of different theater companies. Off the top of my head I know there is a Shakespeare group, improv group and two others that do plays consistently. Daegu’s group is a small community theater group. We are currently expanding, working in actual theaters and gathering a lot of strong actors and most importantly people who can help run the Troupe and get it moving. Check out our webpage, it’s still in the beginning stages (I’m co-webmaster right now) and so it still needs a bit more work: http://www.daegutheatre.org
      Glad to hear you are making your way to Korea, it’s a fun place and it allows you to also do a lot of things you enjoy ^_^


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