Alice in Wonderland Camp

Alice in Wonderland Camp

    Day 1   Day 2
1  Intro: Choosing Teams Card Shuffle Articles Race
2 Paint the Roses(much/ many/ a lot) Pin the Tail on the Chesire Cat
3 Song – Fill in the blank Croquet
4 “I’m late!” Potato Sack Race OR Three-legged Race Tea Party & Prizes

Alice Welcome This is the introduction to camp

Alice – Story Story Activity (especially if some students do not know the story)

Alice – Story printout

Alice – Avril Lyrics Listening activity

Trippin out Worksheet

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Race! Explains briefly a Three-Legged Race

Alice – Articles Teach the students about articles. Then have the teams line up against each other and take turns picking a card from a deck. The highest number gets to answer your questions first.

Pin the Tail on the Chesire Cat
Cake Decorating Contest

Our own version of croquet
Paint the Roses Red Race
The Team of Clubs doing a Story Activity



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