Visiting My Hometown

The Big Apple is home, and I’ve had Koreans gasp and tell me they are jealous when I tell them where I am from. And I can admit it. I am a proud little snot when it comes to my New York. So here are the places that won’t necessarily be on your tourist book, or it may  and it just kicks ass. So check it out, places I take my friends from out-of-town:


One of my favorite places ever in NYC is “Alice’s Tea Cup”. I really love Alice in Wonderland and this tea shop is a perfect place to feel like you are inside the book. There are three locations but I go to the same one every time because it has this amazing mural inside the other two lack and it’s a short walk from the Central Park statue of Alice. Try the weekend brunch French Toast, it is to die for! It is like eating bread pudding…heaven.

102 W 73rd St at Columbus Ave

Manhattan, NY 10023






One of my favorite museums is the Museum of Natural History. Watch “A Night at the Museum” with Ben Stiller, and you will then recognize scenes from the movie which always make it more fun.

After the museum you can head to this restaurant:


Peruvian Chinese Restaurant

Reason to go: They have a $14 Super Nutcracker. The Nutcracker, it’s original form, is really a NYC drink. The “Nutcracker” is an alcoholic concoction that began on the back streets of Harlem in New York where residents peddled the drinks from their stoops to tourists and passersby. Here is an interesting article on it.

484 Amsterdam Ave

(between 83rd St & 84th St)

New York, NY 10024


This is the little gem I like to take people to. Maybe I’m being a nerd, but I think it has an interesting history. From a Small Pox hospital, to an old psych ward… who wouldn’t want to go there??

The castle like ruins make the south tip a gem, while the north tip has a small lighthouse. And most of all you can take a cable car to the island using the subway pass.

The Brooklyn Clock Tower

1 Main St

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Not really a place you can visit, per say. But it is beautiful to note. I’ve been obsessed with is since I was a child. It recently went on sale for $25 million, making it the costliest property in Brooklyn.

So if you happen to be crossing on the subway on the Manhattan bridge going into Manhatta, turn to your left and you’ll see the most coveted apartment in Brooklyn. For pics on the interior, check this out.

Useful Sites

Club Freetime – Free events and things to do in NYC


2 thoughts on “Visiting My Hometown

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  2. Omg I love New York, though I live on the west coast… 😛

    Hope to visit there sometime again^-^ The diversity there is so much more than the homogeneous population in my town…. In New York the people, food, shops, culture– all of it is simply amazing.

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