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Artistic Manhattan

The first is a print screen you can buy at Ork Posters. The second is a poem by Howard Horowitz (“Manhattan,” 1997), from the book “You Are Here: Personal Geographies”.

Here is an excerpt:

” It took the author one and a half years to write and design this poem about Manhattan, in the form of a map as crowded as the place it represents. Horowitz, a professor of environmental studies at Ramapo College, crams in descriptions of physical geography, cultural attractions, buildings, institutions, individuals, and his own memory. His affection for the place is readily apparent as he leads the reader from “lofty crags overlook[ing] the broad Hudson River” at the island’s northern tip, to “a blue slice of sky as vertical walls enclose us” in midtown, to downtown neighborhoods where one can “enjoy zuppa di pesca at the Festival of San Gennaro, or bird’s nest soup in Chinatown.” “

NYC Sitcom Map



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