Doing Your Laundry

The wonderful thing about Korea is that they give you a laundry machine in your very own apartment. The downfall? It looks like a machine from outer space. My co-teacher went as far as to tell me “Press this, then this, and then this.” To which I wanted to reply, “But what if I only have a few clothes, what do I press?” Translating a washing machine is something I’m sure isn’t in her job description so I cut her some slack and thanked her for the beginning steps. Here are the buttons for you to translate:

전원: Turn on/off


동작/일시정지: Start/Pause

세탁: Wash

헹굼: Rinse

탈수: Spin Dry

최강: Stronger

: Strong

: Normal

: Weak

탈수안함: No spin-dry

탈취: Air Freshener

문잠김: Door lock

절전: Energy Saving Mode (save electricity)

불림: Soak

예비세탁: Pre-wash

헹굼: Rinse

물온도: Water Temperature

표준: Regular Wash

울: Wool

이불: Blankets/Bedding

침구류: Sheets/Linens

외투: Overcoat

니트: knitwear

급속: Quick Wash

조용조용: Silent Mode Wash

에어워시: Air wash

어린이보호: Safety lock

진드기제거: Dust Mite Removal- Allergy Reduction


통살균:  disinfecting the drum (inside of washer)

통세척: cleaning the drum (inside of washer)

찌든때: encrusted dirt (on washer drum)

탈취: removing bad smells


건조: Dry

저온: Drying at low-temperature

강력: High Heat

다림질: Damp Dry (for ironing)

표준: Regular dry

예약: Timer

시간설정: Set timer

세탁물추가: Add more clothes

동작/일시정지: Start/Pause

타올: Towels

이불: Bedding

절약삶음: Energy Saving / Boiling Temperature Wash

삶음: Boiling Temperature Wash

찌든때: Stain removal

표준: Regular wash

급속: Quick wash

울: Wool

란제리: Undergarments/Lingerie

If that is too much, I found this blogger’s picture and explanation that lays it all out. Here is the main pic, followed by a link to her entry

Can’t figure it out yet? You can alway find a way to buy these robots Korea invented to do your laundry. Seriously, no joke. Mahru-Z (R), a robot developed by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology picked up a sandwich in Seoul on January 15, 2010. South Korean scientists have developed a walking robot maid which can clean a home, dump clothes in a washing machine and even heat food in a microwave. The institute took two years to develop Mahru-Z, which is 1.3 metres (4.3 feet) tall and weighs 55 kilograms (121 pounds).

Cross your fingers, this is hopefully the future.

9 thoughts on “Doing Your Laundry

  1. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much! I could kiss you! I searched for one of the Korean terms on my boyfriend’s washing machine (he’s in Korea, I’m in the US), and I found this website. Thank you a million times!

  2. This is awesome!!! I just arrived in Yeongcheon and have figured most things out fine but am totally lost on the washing machine so thank you!! 🙂

  3. This was super helpful! Seriously, I was dreading doing laundry – my machine looks so modern and intimidating, but I was able to figure out the different settings with this. So kamsa hamnida!

  4. I figured out how to use my machine – but which detergent or additive would you recommend? No matter which brand I use (US- and european) – it seems the (hard?) water here is destroying my clothes. Any suggestion what detergent to use or what else should be added to keep the quality?

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