Spring is finally here!

Cherry Blossom Marathon Season


You know what that means! I am challenging myself this year and trying out my first 10K. If anyone knows me, you know I hate exercise. I just never liked it. The closest I get to it is through salsa and other forms of dancing. But Dave and Matt are runners, and like to push me sometimes which is what I need. So the challenge is outdoing myself, since last year I ran the 5 k, got a medal and all (everyone did lol), and was proud of myself! On the other hand, running a 5K here is like a joke, because old ladies and children do it like it’s nothing. So though I was having my own Rocky Balboa moment in my head, so many people were horsing around while they ran. Which is great for them, but not so much for my self esteem lol.

Running Track in Korea

So I’ve been running morning or afternoons, at a track which makes it easier to figure out just how much I’m running. I feel slightly beat up from all this, and the lack of sleep is mostly from going to sleep late and not necessarily getting up in the morning. Seeing ajossis and ajummas running around the track faster then me, pushes me to keep going.


I’m super excited to be heading to Gyeongju for the race. It will be around the lake and of course be filled with cherry blossom trees. It can’t get better then this! :

Gyeongju Marathon Start


Click here for English info on Marathons in Korea: Waeguks got Runs 


Spring Festivals

I really enjoyed the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival last year. It was so beautiful and the stream just made the site so special! Spring is really short in Korea, especially in Daegu. You have to enjoy it fully before it disappears in a blink of an eye.There are various festivals to be checking out this spring. I hope to at least make 2, but unfortunately my schedule always seems to filling up with one thing or another. Here are links on more info:

Official Korea website – Korea Tourism Information

Korea Travel Notes : Offers Festival and Exhibits Information

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival 2012


6 thoughts on “Spring is finally here!

  1. mapmyrun.com – a great way to track how far you ran without having to run around and around a track. 🙂 I hope they have maps in Korea for you!

    • Thanks Jenna! I tried the app MiCoach from Adidas on my phone. It finally worked! ….I ran only 5 K yesterday and felt in so much pain. I hope I make it to 10 k 😦

  2. Wahoo for 10K’s! Check out Runkeeper too – an app that will track your running for you – similar to mapmyrun above.

  3. I remember someone told me it gets easier as your body warms up and it’s really true. The first mile or so is really rough but once your body gets used to it, you can zone out. Take the time to think things over perhaps, to secretly keep your mind off of running. I used the running time to explore my, at the time, new neighborhood. So maybe you could just get lost for a little bit? Discover something new? 🙂

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