We arrived safe and sound at the Chiang Mai airport. But like they say, it is about the journey and not necessarily the destination. I realized how much more patient I was during the trip. My tolerance for flying and dealing with airports was greatly changed during my 5 day expedition to Mozambique back in 07′. You just got to roll with the punches and pray for that moment you get out of the airport with all your luggage intact.

La familia waits

Our Battle Wounds: Allergic reaction to my bracelets

Our Battle Wounds: Jodi's bag put up a fight

Loving my window seat


4 thoughts on “Arriving

  1. With all the craziness, I’m glad you guys are having an awesome experience though! And NICE movie FYI…. Miss ya!

  2. Were you guys picked up with your own personal driver like holding your name and all? Very cool video. Taking full advantage of that MacBook Pro very quickly huh?

  3. Ale/Jodi, your video was AWE-some! Great job film editors! I hope your allergic skin reaction was temporary!

    Question: What song is playing in this video? I am digging the monkey noises…lol

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