Valentine’s Day in Korea (발렌타인 데이!)


Valentine’s Day this year was a flurry of events! The morning started with Matt and I filming for DGFEZ. We did a tour of Seomun Market – the largest and oldest traditional Korean market in Daegu. It was a dream come true as I got to try on the traditional Korean hanbok – shoes, headgear and all!

Korean Traditional shoes


Next, I met up with some chicas from the Love in Action ministry I’m involved in (in which I am doing some sex trafficking advocacy with), so we could share some love on Valentine’s Day and hand out chocolate to people. It was fun surprising people with chocolate and best of all, it was nice hearing them say “Thank you!” in English to me ^_^



Matt and I finished the night putting up posters for the new Daegu Theatre Troupe play that’s gonna happen next week. We went to the local bars that foreigners usually go to and went above and beyond our call of duty and enticed them to actually pose with the signs.And we found the cutest dog at one of the bars!! Here are some of the pics, along with our awesome new friend Brian and Haerin. We interrupted their VDay celebration but they welcomed us to eat cake and play darts ^^ :






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